Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 2011 Newsletter

We've got some big changes in store for SCTeam, and today's newsletter will tell you all about it. First of all, the admins would like to send a big THANK YOU to all the members who participated in our Spring Forward Promotion!

Some of you donated an item for the grand prize drawing, others put the logo in their shop or offered a discount for the coupon code. SOME OF YOU (noted with the asterisck) did ALL THREE!! Thanks to all who participated--we appreciate your enthusiasm and cooperation throughout the process. We had 19 entrants; 6 of which won the coupon code, 5 of which entered the grand drawing. Our winner was a young mom named Heather, and she was very excited to win! "I never win anything! Are you sure it was my name you drew?" she said. The grand prize gift basket, filled with all the wonderful things donated, is already on it's way to Heather now.

While we were disappointed that more team members didn't participate, we're very thankful to those who did. Hopefully, with promotions like this in the future, even more SCTeam members will jump in and join the fun.


The Admins (Sandy from Morgan Alexa Designs, Rosemary from Minnie Maes, and Abby from Simply Charming in SC) will be taking the summer off from the team. All challenges, promotions, contests, giveaways, birthday blogs and newsletters will be suspended until September. We will spend the next few months 1) relaxing, 2) regrouping and 3) restructuring the team. We're looking forward to having some time off, and hope that, when we return in the fall, the entire team will be ready to jump in and join us in all the challenges, contests, promotions, and giveaways we hope to have.

In the interim, all questions and conversations should be directed to the SCTeam Etsy Page. While the offsite Message Board will still be available, we will no longer be updating it, at least during our vacation. We are encouraging members to continue to discuss their shops (sales, promotions, new listings, etc) as well as continuing to promote the team using team-themed treasuries. We'll be keeping in touch with everyone through the Team Page, so don't disappear on us! Also, if you have any questions for the admins, feel free to post them there.

Also, it was voted on and decided that new members to the team will no longer be required to register on our off-site message board. We are hoping to figure out a way to stay in touch with our members using ONLY the Team Page. More on this in the fall.

Lastly, we also decided to update our Facebook page. We're changing over to a new community page, found HERE (or you can search for us using "South Carolina Etsy Street Team"). Please head over and "like" us, so you'll be able to stay up-to-date with your fellow team members throughout the summer.

If you are interested in becoming a team leader, please contact one of the admins above and we will happily discuss duties we'd love to pass on to willing, able, dedicated members! (Examples: blog contributor, birthday greeter, challenge coordinator, giveaway coordinator, advertising specialist, etc.) Also, if you have ideas on how to get this team moving again, let us know! We're always interested to hear how you want this team to function.


Thanks again to all the dedicated members who make this team what it is. We appreciate you all and hope you have a fantastic summer! We'll be back in September!

The Admins


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  1. Thanks to all the admins for all they have done for the team. Enjoy the summer. I am looking forward to the revamp in the fall.