Friday, October 15, 2010

October 2010 Newsletter

It's the spookiest month of the year, TeamSC! But there's no need to be frightened--we've got TONS of upcoming promotions, challenges, and possible regional meet-and-greets to keep you busy in October! Let's take a look at what's going on with your favorite Etsy team!

ARTIST: Michelle from Simpsonville
ABOUT: This self-described happy, spontaneous, fun-loving artist creates re-useable sandwich bags from colorful fabrics to fit your lunch-packing needs. Michelle's mother taught her to sew when she was 9 years old, and she's been unstoppable since. She's a fan of handmade all the way, so Etsy was a natural fit for her. "A friend told me about Etsy and I fell in love with the idea of handmade items being sold on the internet. I thought to myself that I just had to do it. And I'm so glad I did!" Michelle's shop is the best place to find re-useable bags of all types--adorable, functional, and earth-friendly!
FAVORITE THING ABOUT LIVING IN SC: "I love the people here in South Carolina. Everyone always seems to have a smile on their face and are available to help you at anytime. Simpsonville is great. It keeps growing, but maintains the small town feeling."
FEATURED ITEM: Reuseable Sandwich Bag "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"


We are still busy planning lots of promotions, contests, and team challenges to get as much traffic in your Etsy shop for the Christmas holidays. So this month's big news is to catch you up on all the goodies we promised you in last month's newsletter!

Our Secret Santa promotion will kick-off on November 8! Look for rules, details and ways to participate on THIS THREAD on the team forum. Thanks again to Jenn of JetCreations for offering to run this promotion!

We are also planning to combine the creative challenges for November and December into a 2-month long challenge we're calling "Gift Giving Delights." Team members will have plenty of time to enter, and the entry with the most votes will win a team sampler!!! So stay tuned to the forum for more information on this holiday challenge!

We are still hoping someone will volunteer to run another Holiday Stocking Hunt promo, but we're running out of time! Check out the thread listed above for details, and if you're interested in helping out or taking charge of this very successful promotion, contact one of the moderators (listed at the bottom of the page.)

Our main goal with all these promotions and challenges it to get as much traffic in our shops as possible!!! If you have any other ideas or suggestions for holiday promotions, let us know!

**We're looking for team members interested in donating to our "Team Samplers." If you'd like to donate something from your shop, check out THIS THREAD, or contact Rosemary at MinnieMaes to find out how to participate.

**You still have plenty of time to enter the October Creative Challenge, "Celebrating the Harvest." We didn't have an entries for the September Challenge, so if you've been saving your best work, get in there and post it before October 26.

**BIG thanks to Haute Interiors LLC for offering to help with the Business Card Promotion---this will be a big help for the holiday season, too, if we get it kicked off soon enough! Stay tuned for more info HERE.

**There was some discussion at October's team meeting about an upstate meet-and-greet! If you're interested in participating, look for information on THIS THREAD. There are several other threads on the team forum for other regions in the state. If you're interested in setting up a meet-and-greet in your area, check out the threads for the Mid-Upstate, the Midlands, the Low Country, and the Myrtle Beach Area.

**Welcome to our new members: BeadNista, Channel 365 Photography, Designs by Empwr, Impressions by Heidi, Simple and Sassy, Artiginals by Sookie Lou
Sandy (Morgan Alexa Designs)
Rosemary (MinnieMaes)
Comments, questions, or suggestions for upcoming newsletters may be sent to Abby (SimplyCharmingSC)


  1. I'm interested in an Upstate meet-and-greet. I clicked on THIS THREAD but there was no information, and I couldn't figure out how to post a message.
    Seneca SC

  2. Great newsletter again ladies:) I like interview with Honeysuckle House.