Friday, September 17, 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

It's another month, TeamSC---and this month, we're promoting volunteerism!! If you've been looking for a way to help TeamSC, September is your month! We've got promo ideas galore, all leading up to the busiest shopping season of the year!! So let's take a quick little break from homework, book reports, carpooling and football practice to find out how YOU can help TeamSC become the best team it can be!

ABOUT: This loveable grandma knows a thing or two about TeamSC-she's been a member for quite awhile! Hazel describes herself as being responsible, loyal, and creative. And her creativity is apparent in the vast array of goodies you'll find in her shop. Be prepared to be welcomed into a homey, comfortable atmosphere when you visit Nascarnana's Shop! Whether you're looking for hand sewn quilts or unique artwork, you'll find them here. You can also find a plethora of gorgeous antique items in Hazel's second Etsy shop, Nana's Finds.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT LIVING IN SC? "The winters are usually very mild, and we live close to the mountains and the beach."
FAVORITE COLOR: Purple and hunter green
TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT WE MAY NOT KNOW: "I have 7 children so I started being creative early, making Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, pillows and quilts for gifts. I really enjoy new projects. My mom is ill right now but I hope to soon be able to get busy again."

Hazel says, "This baby blanket is perfect for someone taking the little one out to the ballgame!" And we agree!!


The major topic of conversation at September's meeting was all about Christmas!! Wait--Christmas in September, you say? Absolutely!! We're looking to get started on some major promotions for our team, and our #1 goal is to get as MANY shoppers as possible into YOUR Etsy shops during the busiest time of year.

Some of you veteran team members will remember the Stocking Hunt promotion we did back in 2008. We're looking to bring it back in 2010! For those who weren't members, or didn't participate, here's the premise: Volunteers sent items (valued at less than $20), gift cards and coupons to one of the moderators to create a stocking filled to the brim with the best TeamSC had to offer. Team members then "hid" stocking logos (provided by the team) into one of their item descriptions in their personal shops. Participants in the Stocking Hunt went to TeamSC shops looking for the stockings, and those who found them were included in the drawing for the giveaway. Not only did this promo increase traffic in TeamSC shops, but we saw an increase in sales as well!

Our always prepared Sandy has already posted a link on the Team Forum with all the ins-and-outs of the Stocking Hunt promo, and now we're looking for eager volunteers to coordinate and run the Stocking Hunt for 2010! So head on over, read all about it, and let us know if you want to be Santa's Little Helpers for TeamSC this year!

The other promotion we're looking to bring back is Secret Santa--which is ALWAYS fun. This will be a promo within the team. We are looking for a volunteer to run this promotion, too. If you would like information about how we did the Secret Santa swaps in the past, please contact Sandy (MorganAlexa Designs.)

So--anyone out there who's been looking for a way to get in there and help out their favorite Etsy team, now is the time to do it! Our holiday promotions work best when we have plenty of volunteers to help us out. If you're interested in heading up, or assisting, in either of these promotions, please contact one of the administrators (information listed at the bottom of the newsletter.) Thanks in advance for helping us make TeamSC the MOST successful shop this Christmas!


***We are also looking for a volunteer to coordinate and run the Business Card Swap idea that was discussed during July and August's meetings. For information, follow THIS LINK to the forum! As this idea hasn't been fully figured out yet, Sandy, Rosemary or I will be happy to help you get started!

***September's Creative Challenge theme is Creepy, Crawly, and Sweet! Think: Halloween, people!! Check out the thread on the forum--you still have time to enter!!

***Congratulations to Michelle of Honeysuckle House for winning August's Creative Challenge: Back to School! You can read all about her as our featured seller on our team blog.

***It's the craft show/festival/fair season again, and we're interested to know what's going on in your neck of the woods! If you know of a festival, fair, or craft show that other team members may be interested in participating in, or if you'd like to share your photos and craft show experiences with us, check out THIS THREAD on the team forum, and let us know what's going on in your hometowns!

***Finally, it's been another month of new members for TeamSC!! We have 10 new members since our last newsletter!!! WOW! We've had so many new members in the last couple of months--it's very exciting!! A big, warm, SC welcome goes out to: Charleston Charm, Cosmic Girl Designs, G & L Jewelry, Lady Gwen's Bridal Boutique, Haute Interiors, Miss Tan Designs, Lisa G. Designs, Pixie & Puck, SoSa Designs, and Tiaras & Turtles.

Sandy (Morgan Alexa Designs)
Rosemary (MinnieMaes)
Comments, questions, or suggestions for upcoming newsletters may be sent to Abby (SimplyCharmingSC)


  1. Glad to be a part of the team and receive my first newsletter. Yeah! :)

    I would be interested in helping with the business card/coupon swap idea.

    Personally, I would like to see the sheet included with the package that was mailed out, instead of an email to the customer, unless the customer has signed up for newsletters, promotions etc.

    The sheet could be put into a plain white envelope so it would not be accidentally thrown away. It could be labeled something to the effect of "Special Offers", "Limited Time Offers", whatever the seller deemed appropriate.