Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 2010

Hello fellow sandlappers! As you can see, the newsletter has gotten a bit of a facelift!! So make sure you bookmark our new address! Looking for information provided from a different month? Just check out our Previous Newsletters section at the bottom-right of the page. Now, without further ado, let's jump right into August and see what's hoppin' with TeamSC!


ARTIST: Kim Winkeler
SHOP: Kwinkeler Photos
This Charlestonian photographer really knows her biz! Her photos from nature are must-haves for any collector. Kim describes herself as loyal, friendly, compassionate, and funny. She's a non-conformist by nature, and her unique photography is definitely proof of that.
FAVORITE THING ABOUT CHARLESTON: "I love anything and everything having to do with Spring in Charleston. The weather can't be beat, and all the blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees make this one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived."
WHAT DREW YOU TO PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE FIRST PLACE? "I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, but I was never very good at it, and that frustrated me. I finally took some classes in 2007, and once I started taking photos that captured what my eye and mind were seeing, I was hooked."
WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR ART? "Mother Nature! When is the last time you looked at something as mundane (and possibly detested!) as a dandelion? They really are beautiful, and the intricacy of the flowers is amazing. The beauty found in nature is wonderful."

FEATURED ITEM: Yellow Sunflower 8X10 Photograph


TeamSC is getting creative with our ideas to promote the team! We've got a new "business card swap" idea that will let YOU advertise your monthly sales on the team blog. With the help of Anna (Brown Bag Boutique), we'll be creating a list of individual shop sales that will come with a printable "business card" that you can include with each of your sales. Not only will your shop get lots more exposure by being included in this sale swap, but you'll also be promoting your fellow teammate's shops by sending out information that will (hopefully) lead to more sales for TeamSC as a whole!!

The moderators are still working out all the kinks on how this idea will take fruition, but stay tuned to the team message board for all the details soon!

If you're interested in volunteering to help Anna (Brown Bag Boutique) put this project into motion, please contact her or Abby (SimplyCharmingSC).


***Congratulations to our first winner of the Fill Our Shop to the Top Contest, Gaga's Baby Designs! Thanks for all your hard work! Our team shop is really starting to fill up and look fantastic! If you're interested in including your own work in the team shop, visit THIS LINK on the team message board for all the rules, listing info, and get started today!

***Don't forget our August Creative Challenge is up and ready! This month's theme--Back to School. We don't have many entries yet, and you still have plenty of time to get something listed! Check out the TEAM BLOG for details.

***If you have any ideas for future challenges, we'd love to hear them! CLICK HERE and send us your input--any ideas are welcome!

***Once again, we've been blessed with lots of new members since our last newsletter! Let's welcome each of them with a big TeamSC "Hey Ya'll!:" ALizDesigns, 6 Little Chickens, CJ Studios, jBear Creative, From Judo With Love, Libbie Home, Moss Ties, and The Vintage Vixen! Welcome, everyone!

Sandy (Morgan Alexa Designs)
Rosemary (MinnieMaes)
Comments, questions, or suggestions for upcoming newsletters may be sent to Abby (SimplyCharmingSC)


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  2. You go Abby! This looks fantastic!